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How Does The Pumpkin Patch Work?

Everyone is welcomed. Check out our hourly bracelet for some wholesome AFFORDABLE family time. Our entrance fee is ONLY $1 per person and never a charge for parking. 

What Are The Rules?

For the safety of the children, no shoes are allowed on any of our inflatable rides and socks are required. We recommend socks, open-toe sandals, and comfortable pants when visiting us. Remember to always slide down with your arms crossed. We ask that children not throw any of the items on the lot not meant to be thrown. Overall, we ask everyone to behave. 


Lot, Ride, and Restrictions signs are posted through out the Lot for reference.  

Are Dogs Allowed?

Because of the noise level and amount of customers and children walking/running around, we are currently not allowing customers to bring dogs into the pumpkin patch. Service dogs are always welcomed while following the proper ADA rules. 

We personally know our "dogs" are really family members and ask if they stay in your vehicle that they be parked in a shaded area—with easy access to water & fresh air.

Birthday Parties/ Events/ Field Trips

Want to plan some type of event at one of our pumpkin patches? Inquire today for one of our amazing packets that'll leave you wondering why you ever went anywhere else. 





How To Go About

First and foremost, choose from one of our 4 convenient locations

Escondido, Mira Mesa, vista, San Marcos.



Second, stop by with the family for some pictures & Christmas air.


Decide which type & size of tree you would like.


Choose that special tree & let us do the rest!!!

We have stands, flocking, fire retardant, & delivery service for your purchase.


We'll give it a fresh cut, put the stand, & secure it to your vehicle (we know the knots) or tag it for delivery.


That's it, you'll be on your way with a fresh Oregon-grown Christmas tree.


What Do You Offer?

Is this the first family Christmas tree or finally doing the environmentally-friendly switch back to Real Christmas Trees? 

We have you covered!!!

Stop by for your Fresh Christmas Tree where you can do a one-stop-shop Right Before Decorating.


  • Stands

  • Flocking W or W/O Glitter

  • Tree Preservative

  • Disposable Bags

  • Garland

  • Wreaths

  • Table Tops

  • Delivery Service

  • Fire-Retardant Application

How To Transport Our Tree Home?

Just purchased your Christmas tree, but not sure how you'll get it home???

1) we can secure your Christmas tree to almost any type of vehicle from beetle to Maserati.


Yup, A Maserati  

Our tree helpers have the experience and materials needed to secure your fresh Christmas tree to your vehicle and of course at no extra charge.

2) don't want to get that paint job scratched or feel safe driving with the family tree tied to the top of your vehicle?


We offer delivery to your driveway for a small fee. Ask for the delivery schedule and you'll usually be able to receive your fresh Christmas tree that same day.


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